All about HCG Drops Diet

HCG Drops Diet is a FDA approved effective fat loss solution that guarantees 2 pounds of weight loss every day. The weight loss program was formulated by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons and the entire fat loss concept is based on the naturally occurring HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone which the mother’s body creates to provide nutrition and protection to the fetus. Dr. Simeons’ concept was to infuse the HCG drops to an obese body which would transform the fat into great energy.

The program works in 3 phases. In the 1st phase, the user has to boost up her fat reserves in the body by eating properly for two days simultaneously under the treatment with the HCG drops. Now, you would enter 2nd phase of the program which would continue for 23-40 days. In the second phase the user would be taking a 500 calorie diet along with the HCG drops. The diet here would comprise of mostly vegetables and fruits accompanied by 2 daily protein meals (3.5 ounces of protein minimum).

After the 2nd phase is over, the user enters the 3rd & final stage of the HCG Drops Diet. During the final phase, the user is allowed to eat willingly provided that starches and sugar are kept at a minimum level. The 1st phase of the program would send a regular HCG flow to the bloodstream and also warn the brain regarding imminent fat release due to the HCG. In the 2nd phase, the user would be losing around 1-2 pounds of weight each day & would be in that very phase till you reach the desired weight. After you have already achieved the desired weight continue the treatment for a couple of days more which would allow the HCG Drops Diet to quickly clear the system so that no treatment is required further.

The best part of HCG Drops Diet is that it assures that the body is equipped with adequate energy even in times when the person is losing fat so that she never craves for food which might otherwise rebuilt the fat eventually. For more information you may go to

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