Dr. John Jain: One of the Reasons for Santa Monica Fertility’s Success

There are many factors to consider in choosing a fertility treatment center in California, and knowing them one by one should be done for you to avoid trusting the wrong clinic. In Southern California, there are numerous fertility care centers, but not all of them are at par with the standards of the best in the world. Hence, couples who are planning to undergo fertility treatment or services should know how to separate the inexperienced centers from the expert ones.


In Santa Monica, California, one fertility treatment center is enjoying a solid and untarnished reputation, and that is no other than Santa Monica Fertility . This fertility treatment center is known for providing the best services possible to women who want to realize their womanhood – to become mothers. It is no hidden fact that many American women are suffering from certain fertility issues, which is why they find it difficult to have a family of their own.


Santa Monica Fertility has years of experience in handling even the most complicated and problematic cases related to fertility of American women. Hence, its services are considered topnotch by its former and current patients. What makes it different from other fertility treatment centers in California is that it is led by experienced and highly-skilled physicians like John Jain . Dr. Jain has years of notable experience in the field of fertility medicine. As a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Jain has been providing his expertise to the patients of Santa Monica Fertility; hence, they are assured that all of their concerns are prioritized.


Before joining the pool of expert physicians of the said fertility treatment center, John Jain first became a professor of his alma mater, University of Southern California. He spent 20 years teaching aspiring obstetricians and gynecologists of the university’s Keck School of Medicine. He is also a driving force in the field of reproductive endocrinology as he participated in various programs and initiatives that aimed to improve the understanding of physicians and researchers about egg freezing. He was part of a project that made a landmark egg freezing research. As a result of this research, USC’s egg freezing program was opened.

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