Fun Facts about Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for You to Know

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an exclusive and prestigious annual event that is hold by Victoria’s Secret, which is long known to be a brand of lingerie that is famous in all over the world. This is no just a usually fashion show because it is a special one. There are quite a lot of fun facts that can be found in this show and here are some of them.

In the fashion show of Victoria Secret, there are quite a lot of professional female models involved. From all of the models, there are some called as the Victoria’s Secret Angels. These are no other else but the most visible models who present the products of this brand both in runways and also in ads and lookbooks. Usually, each Angel signed contract given by the company so that she will stay as the Angels based on a certain period of time mentioned in the contract.

Other fun fact that you have to know about this Victorias Secret annual fashion show is that in each year there will be a very special bra that is called as the Fantasy Bra. This is crowned with jewelries so that the price can literary be fantastic.

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