Important Facts on Acai Berry

Acai berry, which comes from the tropical Brazil rainforest, is having so many great compounds that will be very beneficial for our health and appearance. It is true that the fruit is having amazing compounds, but we have to learn a lot about the real nutrient facts of the fruit first because the industry is sometimes exaggerated. The first fact is related to antioxidant. It is true that the antioxidant of acai berry is so high. The antioxidant level is ten times higher than the antioxidant that we can find on red grapes. The antioxidant will help us battle to free radical that will improve our health and slow the aging process down.

Acai berries are having healthy fats or what we can call as monounsaturated fats. Besides the fats, we can also find phytosterols and dietary fiber. The combination of those compounds will promote digestive and cardiovascular health. About 50% of the fat in acai berry is unsaturated fat: 12 percent of Omega 6 and about 60 percent of Omega 9. The fiber in acai berry will help us with our digestion. If pure acai berry is made into powder, then 100g of the powder contains about 14g fibers. Some compounds that will help both cardiovascular and digestive health are campesterol, sigmasterol and B-sitostterol.

Acai berry is also having the ability to promote muscle health. The fruit contains 19 amino acids and more than 8g protein per 100g of acai berry powder. Amino acid complex is very beneficial for muscle regeneration and health. To get the best health benefits of acai berry, it will be great if we can take fresh acai berry. There are so many acai berry recipes that we can try, so putting this fruit on our diet menus won’t be so difficult. Nowadays, we can find so many acai berry supplement. Well, even though fresh acai berry is more recommended, but for simplicity purpose, we can take the supplements, but make sure to choose the right and high quality supplement.

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