Look After Yourself at Festivals This Summer

Summer in the UK for music lovers means one thing: festivals.  Whether you’re going to Creamfields or a Carling weekend, the preparation is the same.  You’ve got your tent, booze, food, clothes and the line up information; what have you forgotten? Have you thought about sun care and hygiene?

The bare essentials you need at a festival are baby wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, loo roll and fresh underwear.  These basic items will get you through the festival but you’ll inevitably be a bit stinky when you get home, so why not think about taking a few more items to make sure you’re not the “smelly” one this year?

Dry shampoo seems to be very popular and it is a useful alternative to washing your hair.  Taking a sponge and bucket could save you queuing for the showers, as all you would need to do is fill it up at the taps and sponge yourself down near your tent.  If you did want to shower and didn’t mind queuing then you will need shower gel and a flannel as well as some flip-flops as you don’t know anything about the person using that cubicle before you!

Hand cleansing gel is another good tool to have as you won’t need water but you will know your hands will be clean.

Festival toilets can be the thing of nightmares; Long queues, no toilet roll and wee on the seat to name but a few lovely surprises.  The ‘Travel John’ is a great little invention which allows you to go where ever, whenever.  It’s a small, sealable bag which you can use up to 3 times before disposing of it.

After you’ve brushed your teeth and you’re dressed to impress how about protecting your skin.  If you can’t cover up then make sure you pop some sun lotion on.  The risk of sun damage at festivals is high and the last thing you want is to get heat stroke and spend the rest of the day in the St Johns Ambulance tent!  Make sure you use a sun cream with high SPF and keep topping it up all day; if you’re planning on drinking then ask one of your mates to help.  Wearing a hat can also helps protect you against the sun and most festivals have great hat stalls to help you decide what suits.

While you are stuck in a muddy field for 3-5 days, the only one that can look after you is you. Keep on top of hygiene issues and be sure to enjoy your weekend with friends.


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