Meal Replacement Diets – A Brief Overview

One of the best strategies for losing weight in a safe and effective manner would be to consume fewer calories than what one burns in a day. The extra calories required for compensating for the deficit comes from the energy stores of the body, usually fat. That being said, crash diets could lead to loss of lean muscle mass, also. All About Weight meal replacement diets such as nutrient-packed shakes, bars, and also cookies help with maintaining the restricted levels of calories. In addition, these meals are also formulated for making the person feel full. We shall have a look at some of the most effective and popular meal replacement diets on the market.

Slim Fast

During 2009, the product line of Slim Fast got simplified with its 3-2-1 plan launch. The plan denotes three snacks worth 100 calories, a couple of replacement bars or shakes and one sensible meal during nighttime. The dinner that is recommended as per the plan has a mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the ratio of 40-30-30. The dinner has a total weight of 500 calories. The shakes and snacks are made by Slim Fast; however, the dinner item has to be prepared based on one’s knowledge or by making use of the tips and suggestions that could be found at the firm’s website. The diet for the whole day averages at 1,200 calories, which is the minimum proportion needed for women. However, it is lower for a male adult who must usually consume at least 1,500 calories per day. Males that are moderately active, aged between 31 and 50, usually burn 2,400 calories every day approximately. This means that a few men within the age category would burn 2.5 lbs. every week.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet

Though the name of the diet evokes some kind of faddishness, the cookies are not one of those usual chocolate chip delicacies. The cookies were formulated by Dr. Siegal in 1975 with a protein and amino acid blend that provided limited calories to the body, without making one feel sated. The dieters, as per the plan, would get to eat six cookies every day and similar to most of the other replacement diets, would have one regular meal. The cookies came in several varieties, such as oatmeal, blueberry, raisin, chocolate, coconut and banana. The firm also manufactures replacement shakes, which are equal to two Dr. Siegal’s cookies. One meal and six cookies make up only 800 calories, which is dangerously low according to several critics. However, Dr. Siegal has always been confident about his diet plans and claims that he has helped several thousand people lose 15 pounds in a month.


The Medifast program was started in 1980, and it was initially marketed as a diet supervised by the medical authorities. The Medifast products were available only at a doctor’s office. Though the line of products initially started with shakes, it has grown on to include several more items and plans. One among the dieting plans call for a food-based meal and five replacement meals every day. The replacement meals could be a shake or a soup, prepared fruit, or other beverage items.

Special K Diet

The Special K Diet is an inexpensive and easy alternative to readymade replacement bars and shakes, which could be purchased from specialty firms. The manufacturers of this diet plan promote the product as a nutritious and fast way to lose weight. The company also cites studies that claim participants losing 6 lbs. on an average over a period of two weeks when under trial. For desired results, the dieter should consume one balanced meal every day, along with a couple of Special K cereal bowls.

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