Reasons To Visit An ER

When you feel sick or you’re injured, you might debate whether you should go to an urgent care office, take a trip to your doctor’s office or visit the emergency room. A free standing ER Houston hospitals offer provides the services that you would need for almost any condition. The ER can perform tests to determine if you need further assistance or if you need to be admitted to the hospital. Doctors can help with everything from the flu to severe cuts.

Chest pains are one of the common reasons as to why many people visit an ER. You might feel a tingle in the chest or a severe pain and not know whether it’s a heart attack getting started or gas that is built up in this area of the body. It’s better to be on the safe side and let a doctor examine you if there is any kind of pain in the chest in the event that there is something severe taking place. If tests reveal that there is an issue, then the doctor can admit you to the hospital so that you are in a safe environment until something can get done.

Abdominal pain is another reason why people go to the ER. It’s common for parents to take children who complain about abdominal pain to the ER because there is a risk for appendicitis more in children than there is in adults. Sometimes, people will go to seek treatment for muscle cramps in the abdomen that are a result of a virus. Other causes of abdominal pain include kidney stones, gallstones and food poisoning.

Some people will visit an ER because they have a severe toothache. While an ER can’t really do anything in the way of pulling a tooth, you can get a prescription for an antibiotic and a pain reliever as most people who visit the ER with tooth pain have an abscess. Sometimes, the doctor might try to drain the abscess if it’s in a location that is easy to reach. Most of the time, the doctor will refer you to a dentist to get the tooth pulled.

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